Non-Registered Investments

An expert financial advisor can lead you to save more and earn more.

Has your financial advisor talked to you about non-registered investment opportunities?

Financial planning never stops. A savvy financial advisor can guide you successfully through the process. After you have bought your home, you have to save for your children’s education, marriage, family vacations and even home renovations. Although registered investments can offer tax benefits they are not always flexible in what you can use the money for. Moreover, once you have reached the maximum amount that you are allowed to invest you have to look for other options to grow your savings. The earning potential of non-registered investments makes them a great alternative. You can invest unlimited amounts of money anywhere in the world.

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What are the advantages of non-registered investments?

  • No limits: There is no limit on how much you can contribute or withdraw, or guidelines on what you can use the money for. Saving for education in an account that is not a RESP allows you the freedom to use the funds as you please in case of an emergency or in the event your child does not require the money. You are also not limited in the amount you can put in.
  • Higher earnings: Whether you would like to begin saving for retirement early with small investments or want to make up for lost years, non-registered investments offer great value. Since you have the freedom to invest anywhere you like and there are no restrictions on how much or when you can use it, you can opt for investments with higher earnings.
  • Additional savings: If you have already reached your contribution limit with your registered savings plan, non-registered accounts are another means of increasing your earnings. Leave your tax deferred money in your registered account for when you really need it.
  • Collateral value: You can use non-registered accounts as collateral to make other investments like a vacation home, commercial property or start up a business. Your larger investments will ensure a faster rate of growth and we can advise you on how to write off the interest.
  • Dollar cost averaging reduces financial risk: By making periodic contributions to an investment you can lower the average cost of valuable shares for higher gains. You also lower your financial risk. We can help you decide the amount, frequency and timeline that is comfortable for you.

Bigger investments means higher returns as well as greater risks. You need in-depth knowledge of market trends and industry expertise to be able to make the right choices. The financial advisors at Trilogix Financial, Greater Toronto Area have the experience and expertise to provide valuable investment advice. Schedule a meeting for your financial planning. We will put together an investment portfolio that ensures a lifetime of comfort.