Financial Planning and Analysis In Canada

Financial planning for a prosperous future.

Make investments today and enjoy a lifetime of comforts.

You work hard to achieve the lifestyle that you want. Dream home, well-educated children, family vacations, comfortable retirement, it is difficult to cover all your needs and be prepared for the unexpected. Trilogix Financial Planning And Analysis in Greater Toronto, Canada Area can help you make all your financial dreams come true. Request a consultation and our expert financial team will help you come up with an investment plan that will allow you to fulfill all your desires.

What can we help you with?

  • Family financial planning: Every family needs a financial blue print that will take note of their expenses, increase their savings and investment potential, and provide for a debt-free future. You never know what you are capable of until you make a plan and act on it. Our experienced financial advisors have helped many families like yours lower their debts, grow their assets and begin retirement planning. Schedule a meeting to assess your income, expenditure and savings so that we can come up with a viable plan to meet your financial goals.
  • Estate planning: You have worked hard to grow your investments and accomplish a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover you have built up a portfolio that will take good care of your family when you are no longer with them. Estate planning helps ensure that the entire value of your assets is transferred to your beneficiaries rather than giving a huge portion away to the government by way of taxes. Talkto us , and in addition to helping you make a will, we provide valuable information on setting up trusts and managing your estate.
  • Group Benefits: Attractive incentives for your employees, advanced preparation for when calamity strikes, being able to make all the payments during temporary suspension of your business process and creating a buffer in the event an important investor pulls out, calls for smart business financial planning. We have business insurance and group benefits products that will give you value for every dollar that you invest. Get in touch to learn more about the kind of insurance package we can put together for you.
  • Registered investments: RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs and the TFSA are government incentives to save for retirement, children’s post secondary education and a lifetime of expenses. Knowing how to diversify your investments to include security as well as leave room for earnings requires expert financial knowledge. Contact Trilogix Financial and use our expertise to get the maximum benefits from your investments.
  • Non-registered investments: Non-registered accounts have no limits on the amount you can contribute or withdraw, or restrictions on what the money can be used for. They are a great way to save for short-term family expenses as well as to continue to invest when you have reached your contribution limit for your registered accounts. However, higher investments mean bigger risks. Call us for an appointment and we will put together a portfolio of investments that ensures high returns and reduced risks.

Call Trilogix Financial, we have been helping families in Financial Planning and Analysis for Retirement in Greater Toronto Area,Canada meet all their financial goals and look forward to a lifetime of security.