Group Benefits | Long Term Financial Planning

Cutting edge group benefits attract industry talent and ensure employee loyalty.

Group coverage rates provide value for every insurance dollar.

Your employees are the lifeline of your business. Provide them with an attractive benefits package and their loyalty will yield high returns in the form of improved productivity and continuous profits. The experienced financial architects at Trilogix Financial have helped many small, medium and large businesses across the Greater Toronto Area with their financial planning requirements. Request a consultation and we can help you design a competitive group benefits package for your organization.

What group benefits can we provide?

  • Extended health care: Your employees have to deal with prescription costs, family dental needs and additional health expenses on a regular basis. Help from you in the form of extended health and dental benefits will bridge the gap between basic government coverage and their extended requirements. Counselling services, long term care and travel insurance are a few options that you can add on to make your package more appealing. Talk to our representative about the plan that we can structure for you.
  • Life insurance: Group life insurance provides competitive rates and coverage for your employees and their families. It helps them make payments through payroll and allows them to make additions or subtractions according to their needs. Your group insurance dollar works overtime to provide them with financial security and guarantees their commitment to your business success.
  • Disability and critical illness: Providing financial support to your workers as they struggle to recover from a critical illness or disability shows that you are concerned for their welfare. In addition, worker’s compensation, accidental death and dismemberment coverage provides much needed income support during a difficult time. Our financial advisors can explain the various short-term and long-term options that are available, and come up with a plan that benefits them and you. Schedule an appointment and we will put together coverage that will keep you steps ahead of the competition.
  • Retirement savings: Retirement and estate planning is an integral part of every individual’s life. Group RRSPs, pension plans and other retirement savings options help your employees plan for a stable financial future. Group rates often provide more value for your insurance dollar than individual insurance at minimal cost to the employer. Your concern for their post-retirement lifestyle encourages them to show their appreciation through increased productivity.

As a large business with access to better insurance coverage or a small business that can group together with organizations of similar size to provide greater employee benefits, you can give your employees financial stability and ensure complete loyalty in return. Trilogix Financial is well versed in group benefits that add to the profitability and welfare of your enterprise. Contact our financial advisors for all your life insurance, retirement and business planning needs.

We work hard to ensure that the long term financial planning for the future of your business and employees is well covered.