Financial Planning for the Future With A Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company

The financial advisors at Trilogix Financial have earned a reputation for helping individuals, families and business owners in the Greater Toronto Area plan a lifetime of prosperity. Looking for a Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company That You Can Trust? We use our expertise to restructure your investments and maximize your savings without any change to your current lifestyle. Our in-depth and astute market knowledge helps us efficiently manage your investment portfolio like a “financial architect”.


Failure to plan is like inviting trouble with open arms. Request a consultation with one of our experienced financial advisors. We can oversee your entire financial plan to ensure a good foundation, strong pillars, balanced structure and overall effectiveness. The architecture of your financial plan must aim to deliver long term comfort and peace of mind.


We provide financial expert assistance with:


Family financial planning

Your family financial plan includes your mortgage payments, children’s education, life insurance, coverage for temporary loss of income as a result of critical illness or disability, and registered and non-registered savings for a comfortable retired life. After a detailed analysis of your needs, we show you how to structure your savings to generate more income. We also provide valuable tips on investments that are most profitable to you and micro-manage your assets to achieve all your financial goals. We provide comprehensive coverage of all your family’s needs.


Estate planning

You have worked hard to pay off your mortgage on your home and family cottage, and maybe even your commercial property. Advanced retirement planning has ensured that you will be debt-free and maintain your lifestyle easily. Thanks to your financial foresight your spouse and your children have been well provided for. However, if estate planning did not figure on your to-do list, a great part of your wealth could be eroded by inheritance tax. We can assist you with a complete plan that transfers your estate to your intended beneficiaries easily. We can ensure that your loved ones enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Business planning

The success of your enterprise depends on your business plan and the productivity of your employees. We can show you how to make your business more tax efficient as well as set you up with insurance coverage that will help you tide over any crisis that comes your way. In addition, our experienced business planners can put together a competitive group benefits package that will help you attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Your success is our success!


Consultation and guidance for financial planning from Trilogix Financial will give you the benefit of a single point of contact for all your economic needs including mortgage, insurance, investments and estate planning. As our financial advisors are in close touch with all your financial activities, we are in a better position to advise you on how your investments can take the fast track towards a debt free life.


Get in touch to set up a free, no obligation consultation with our extremely competent and qualified financial architects.


We are a Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company that provides expert financial advice and have access to a wide variety of cutting edge products that will earn you the maximum value for your dollar.