Insurance Services that will eliminate financial risks.

Protect your loved ones and the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve.

Individual and group life insurance, critical illness and disability, and retirement planning benefits can mean the difference between a financially secure future and a lifetime of economic uncertainty. Don’t wait for an accident, illness or sudden death to leverage the insurance services of a financial expert.

Trilogix Financial has been helping individuals, families and business owners in the Greater Toronto Area structure insurance plans that will take care of all their critical needs. Request a consultation to determine what we can do for you.

How can we help?

  • Comprehensive individual coverage
    Providing for children’s education and marriage, and compensating for loss of income during illness or after a serious accident helps make important payments like mortgage, puts food on your table and covers daily household expenses. Advanced financial planning through term or permanent life insurance, disability benefits and critical illness coverage eliminates financial risks and uncertainties. Choosing the right plan and insurance carrier involves a detailed analysis of your needs and in-depth product knowledge. Our insurance advisors have years of expertise in providing individuals like you with comprehensive coverage for your time of need. Schedule a meeting to learn more about insurance services for your individual needs.
  • Competitive group benefits
    An attractive compensation package will attract industry talent and ensure employee loyalty. Group benefits that aid retirement planning through pooled RRSPs and other savings options, as well as pension plans show that you are an employer who cares for the well being of your workers and their families. We can structure attractive group plans that provide additional health benefits, dental care, worker’s compensation, counselling services and even travel insurance. A happy and well-adjusted employee means increased productivity and higher profits. Meetwith our business insurance specialists who can provide maximum value for your insurance dollar irrespective of the size of your organisation.

Trilogix Financial, Greater Toronto Area, has the expertise to provide premium coverage at affordable rates for individuals and business owners. Our experience as financial architects puts us in the unique position of being able to structure and maintain all your financial planning requirements. From life insurance to real estate planning , and retirement and estate planning we provide valuable advice for a well planned financial future leaving no room for risk.

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