Business Financial Planning

Do you have a business insurance plan that will save your business from ruin?

Reduce your liabilities by preparing for injury, calamities and loss of income.

Your employees, investors and family are counting on you to manage and protect your successful business. Sudden on-the-job injuries, natural calamities, breakdowns in machinery resulting in a temporary loss of income and the unexpected pull-out of a business partner can wipe out your earnings. The financial advisors at Trilogix Financial are well-versed in business insurance needs for the entrepreneur. They provide expert financial planning & insurance advice that will save your business from going in the red. Request a consultation with an experienced financial advisor in the Toronto area.

How can we help

  • Commercial property protection: From your commercial property to your employees, inventory and equipment, we can set you up with business insurance that will protect your assets in the event of fire, theft and natural disasters.
  • Workers compensation: Injuries in your workplace can occur irrespective of well maintained equipment and strict safety codes. Your workers need to know that you care about their well-being, and setting up compensation for work-related injuries will give them and you peace of mind.
  • Employee benefits: Attractive compensation packages will help draw industry talent and keep you ahead of the competition. Group benefits in the form of critical illness, disability insurance and additional health coverage show your employees that you appreciate and care for them. Talk to us about your organisational structure and we will come up with a plan that delivers value for every dollar.
  • General liabilities: Whether you own a retail store, factory or warehouse you will have customers and visitors on your premises. Unexpected mishaps that cause bodily injuries irrespective of your safety standards could result in a law suit against your employees and ultimately your organisation. Plan ahead to avoid untimely legal and compensation expenses.
  • Unplanned loss of income: The sudden breakdown of machinery or shutting down of your premises for repair after fire, flood or any natural disaster results in a temporary loss of income. An ‘interruption’ business insurance can help reduce the financial impact of unplanned closures and loss of income, as well as help you keep up with regular expenses. Schedule a meeting with our financial advisors to ensure that your business is running smoothly.
  • Additional coverage: From business auto coverage (different from personal car insurance) to insurance against buyers or suppliers defaulting on deliveries and payments and the sudden death or pull out of a business partner, we provide sound financial planning advice to business owners in the Greater Toronto Area. You have put your heart and soul into your business, advanced preparation can help you tide over any disaster.

Make an appointment with our financial experts. Trilogix Financial provides cutting edge insurance coverage to help protect your business and offers group and individual life insurance and retirement planning products for you and your employees too.