Estate Inheritance Tax Planning | Asset Protection Planning

Lack of estate planning could make the CRA your major beneficiary.

Make sure that your inheritance goes to people of your choice.

You have worked hard to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. Your house, investments, interest earning assets and holiday home are all part of the estate you will leave to your spouse, children and other loved ones. In order to prevent a major portion of your assets from going to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) as taxes, you need estate inheritance tax planning assistance or Asset Protection planning. Trilogix Financial has been providing individuals in the Greater Toronto Area with effective retirement and estate planning advice. Request a consultation to ensure that your loved ones will benefit from your financial foresight.

What are the benefits of Estate Planning?

  • Preserve the value of your estate: As a financially savvy individual you have made all the right investments to ensure a comfortable life. Appreciating investments, life insurance and proper retirement planning are just some of your strategies. Now it is time to make sure that your loved ones can inherit the total value of what you have left for them. We can help ensure that taxes do not erode your valuable assets.
  • Ensure your estate goes into the right hands: Through experienced will and estate planning, our financial advisors can guarantee that your estate goes to your intended beneficiaries. Whether you would like to divide your possessions equally, establish a trust or donate a portion to charity, we can help ensure that your assets are legally distributed just the way you wanted and to people of your choice. Schedule a meeting and our experts in financial planning will provide valuable estate planning advice.
  • Save your loved ones from the impact of huge taxes: Taxes on Retirement Investment Funds (RIF), RRSPs and capital gains can sweep away almost half of everything you have gathered. Our financial experts can help protect your investments so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and your loved ones will be well provided for when you are no longer with them.

From informed legal guidance on wills and trusts to valuable advice on estate planning and management, contact Trilogix Financial, Greater Toronto Area right away! We can help you develop a asset protection planning program that best suits your situation.