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Protect your family’s financial future with life insurance.

Life insurance, critical illness and disability coverage shows foresight in financial planning and provides security for your family when you are incapacitated or no longer with them. Trilogix Financial is a Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company In, Greater Toronto Area,Ontario, Canada offers products from industry leaders at competitive rates.

Request a consultation with our knowledgeable financial advisors. We have a fit for every budget and situation.

Life Insurance
Evaluate your needs and financial goals before you decide on an individual term or permanent life insurance policy.

Term life benefits

  • Lower premiums: Covers temporary needs like children’s education and mortgage payments as well as provides life insurance protection for a specific period (term). The initial lower premium is ideal if you are looking for short-term coverage.
  • Renewable: You can renew coverage at the end of the premium guarantee period. Although the premium is initially lower than that of a permanent insurance policy it can increase at each renewal. Your named beneficiary will be paid the insured amount only if you (the insured) should die while the policy is in force.

Permanent life benefits

  • Complete life coverage: Whether you chose Whole Life or Universal Life, permanent life insurance provides complete lifetime coverage. You and your family can enjoy part of your investment while you are still living. Your premium is applied both towards insurance and investment (cash) portions and a small administrative fee. Whole Life is more conservative and managed by the company whose product you have opted for. Universal Life offers flexible premiums and you can tell your advisor if you want to invest in market based investments. Talk to Trilogix about your life insurance investment options.
  • Cash value: Provides a cash value portion to the insured which you can take in the form of policy loans or cash the policy in. The interest that you accumulate through the investment portion is tax deferred until you withdraw it.

Life insurance is an unavoidable part of your financial planning. It provides a lifetime of stability for you, your spouse and your children. Schedule a meeting with our experienced insurance personnel who can evaluate your needs and suggest the best plan coverage for you. Remember, Trilogix Financial is Your Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company.