Disability and Critical Illness

Insurance disables accident or illness from destroying the lifestyle you have worked hard to achieve.

Protect your family’s financial future with critical illness and disability insurance.

One unfortunate accident or serious illness can wipe away your entire savings and throw you into never-ending financial uncertainty. Life insurance, critical illness and disability coverage shows foresight in financial planning and provides security for your family when you are incapacitated or no longer with them. Trilogix Financial, Greater Toronto Area, offers products from industry leaders at competitive rates.

Request a consultation with our knowledgeable financial advisors. We have a fit for every budget and situation.

Disability insurance
Individual disability insurance provides income when an unfortunate accident or illness affects your ability to work.

Disability benefits:

  • Guarantees income: Employment insurance benefits may not cover your entire period of recovery and the Canada Pension Plan takes three months to process an eligible claim. Moreover worker’s compensation only applies to a work-related injury or illness. Your individual plan will give you peace of mind and the much needed income during the interim period.
  • Gives stability: Your individual disability plan comes with premiums and coverage that will take care of daily expenses and help pay important bills. In addition it helps avoid financial stress during your period of recovery.

Disability insurance makes for smart retirement planning. It ensures that you do not dip into your savings or affect a change in lifestyle. Our expert financial advisors can help you understand your options and structure a plan to suit your family’s requirements. Contact us right away!

Critical Illness Benefits:

Health and disability insurance might not cover income lost during recovery of a critical illness.


  • Helps avoid debt: Creditors and bills cannot be put on hold. Loss of income during illness can cause financial ruin and pull you further into debt. Critical illness insurance can help make mortgage payments and cover important household expenses until you get back on your feet.
  • Provides additional care: Individual coverage provides additional options like non-insured health expenses, out of country health care and long term care. Your supplemental income will help cover daily expenses and provide quality care to ensure a speedy recovery.

Serious ailments like a Heart Attack, Stroke and Cancer can turn your well-planned life upside down. Trilogix Financial can eliminate stress with a plan that helps manage extra costs of recovery and maintains your current lifestyle. Make an appointment with our insurance specialists who can help you plan for any unexpected loss of income situation.

Long Term Care

Research tells us that 60% of individuals over 65 will require some form of long term care. It is important to plan for the future well in advance. Long term care facilities, nursing homes or even personalized medical attention at home can be a drain on your savings.


  • Extra protection: The type of care and duration may not be covered by Government health plans. In providing for the inevitable, you will eliminate the stress of having to choose between daily necessities and long term care.
  • Independence: The fact that you’ve chosen a long term care facility or a caregiver who will come to your home means that you value your independence. Long term care insurance will eliminate the need for financial assistance from children or other family members.

Smart planning includes Long Term Care Insurance for the time when you are not able to perform the basic activities of daily life. Your impairment may be because of a serious accident, grave illness or old age. Meet with a Trilogix insurance specialist to decide which products will give you maximum benefits.